Spring Photoshoot 2017

Since these guys spontaneous decided to visit me in Birmingham couple days ago, there is no reason why we should not have a free-style photo shoot with zero expectation.



There is something about portrait photograph that always makes me feel so fascinated.  It seems like in the most vivid and wonderful way people expressions were captured at their best angles in every portrait. The joy, the sadness, the happiness on faces were captured then reflected in the portraits so closely that it is impossible for me not to stare at the photograph and wondering about people’s feeling.

Personally I would only see someone as a great photographer as long as their piece of work came out as if there is a person looking back at me through the photograph. Not only the talented ones have their magic to bring the soul into the photographs but also because they know which moment is well worth captured.


Model: Bang Nguyen


Model: Quang Huan Pham



On the contrary, if the photographer attempt to capture the wider scene rather than just the closed up facial expression of the object, the camera might need to be placed from the different positions and different angles. Take a few steps away from the object, lower down the camera position, slightly tilt the camera lens back just enough to flatteringly reveal the best angles of the models and the result might be quite surprising.



Model: Hoang Anh Nguyen & Quang Huan Pham


Comparing to the ones above, the quality of these photographs was not as perfect. Perhaps, the only excuse that these shots did not live up to the expectation was because of the poor camera setting and our carelessness in catching the right moment. But in a way, the blurriness of the background light and my not so clear reflection in the photograph have unconsciously turned into messy but artsy images. Surprisingly, I am still happy with all the shots.

Despite the fact that the photographs were  poorly captured by a shaky hand and ended up with an awkward disorganising combination between the background lighting and the main object; somehow I still find the beauty in every shot. Sometimes, imperfection is the beauty.







Alice x


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