My trip to Liverpool

Since one third of 2017 has gone and probably I am not the only one but lots of people started to realise that the first 3 months of this year have been spent on same old routines and mistakes that we all promised not to repeat this year and ended up with the most “roller coaster” mood swing due to the unpredictable weather and lots of unscheduled plans. The last thing I would like to know is that not even one third of my New Year Resolution has been achieved.

So I decided there would be no better time for some spontaneous decisions rather than now.

My New Year Resolution number 1 said “Travel more this year”.

So let’s travel then and it does not matter where. I just need to leave for awhile, follow no plan and improvise. I made a phone call to the person who I was strongly confident that would support any of my decisions, even the craziest ones. She picked up. And the next thing I remembered doing was packing my bag, booking a ticket and less than an hour later I was on the train, heading to Liverpool to meet her.

Between numerous of deadlines and unscheduled plans, I decided that I would put myself in the most unscheduled plan and proudly said that the mass amount of the courage to do so was because of Her.


Why Liverpool? Why not Liverpool then!?

After London, so far, Liverpool has become my second favourite place to be. My first visit to this city was such a pleasant memory that I could not resist paying a visit for the second time. If you are looking for a place where the beauty is withheld on every corner of the street, Liverpool is your city. Artists were born here and many more to come because everything about this city is so artistic and beautiful that I bet no one could resist not to become one.

Walker Art Gallery is a brilliant place if you fancy art and are more into that type of beauty.

On my second visit, I was able to pay a visit to the Museum of Liverpool, where the memories of The Beatles and many other aspects of Liverpool have been treasured since.

This blog is written to show my appreciation for the beauty of Liverpool and also for the person who has always been incredibly supporting toward myself, for me to have that much courage to do all the spontaneous shit. Without Her, I would not be able to make such crazy decisions and thanks to Her, indeed they are the best ones that I have ever made (most of them). Sometimes I do think that if I could hold myself back for a second and reconsider the options, I might have decided differently. But then, I would not be myself anymore if I did things differently.

Being with Her means that I could allow myself to enjoy life through doing things based on my feeling rather than my mind, that I could be less judgemental and critical, that I could be stupid and spontaneous, occasionally… At the end of the day, whatever stuffs that both of us ended up doing, it is all for the better reasons and I know that we have each other’s back.

Cheers for more upcoming adventures.


Alice xx


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